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Alex Yang

  • Painter
  • Born in 1991
  • Experienced Artist
  • Prizewinner
  • Art Fair Participant
"Painting Dreams, Creating Magic."


Alex Yang is an exceptionally talented Asian male artist who has made a profound impact on the art world with his captivating oil paintings inspired by the Wabi Sabi philosophy. With a deep reverence for imperfection and an acute sense of beauty in the simple and the fleeting, Yang's art reflects a harmonious fusion of Eastern aesthetics and contemporary expression.


Born and raised in the culturally rich landscapes of Japan, Yang's fascination with art and nature began during his childhood. As he explored the serene countryside and observed the delicate balance of imperfections in traditional Japanese architecture, pottery, and nature, he found himself drawn to the profound beauty found within the transience of life.


Nature remains the cornerstone of Yang's inspiration. He finds solace in the understated elegance of nature's imperfections – the weathered texture of aged tree bark, the subtle cracks in weathered stones, and the graceful decay of fallen leaves. Yang's art serves as a silent ode to the transient beauty of life, encouraging viewers to pause, reflect, and find harmony in the midst of impermanence.

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