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Our Story

Welcome to Eleanos Gallery, where creativity finds its canvas: Unleash Your Artistic Journey with Eleanos Gallery. Immerse yourself in a world of breathtaking oil paintings that ignite inspiration and evoke emotions.

Eleanos Gallery was originally established in 2016, which is an online gallery of professional artists selling original handcrafted 3D texture minimalist art and abstract Wabi-sabi Art.

Our mission is to showcase the beauty of minimalist art and Wabi-sabi art, and to provide a platform for professional artists who share their passion for these unique and expressive art forms.

Elevate your artistic journey with Eleanos Gallery. Discover your own artistic oasis, where inspiration awaits. Let your creativity flourish as you find the perfect piece that speaks to your soul and brings beauty into your life.

Where Creativity Finds Its Canvas—that's the essence of Eleanos Gallery. Join us and unlock the power of art to inspire, uplift, and transform. Together, let's celebrate the joy of self-expression and create a world enriched by the beauty of oil paintings.


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